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KoolText v.3.0.5 for Paltalk Desktop

KoolText Paltalk Desktop is one of my favorite’s programs of all times. You can use it in Paltalk as a greeter to send greets in the Paltalk rooms. Also, you able to send colorful designs to chatrooms or private messages. The most important update of this version is that now works for the new Paltalk Desktop. This is the free version if you want the full features such as, No ads text sends into chatroom, customer support and more you may want to upgrade to the Pro version.

Official Site:

Download KoolText v.3.0.5 for Paltalk Desktop

6 thoughts on “KoolText v.3.0.5 for Paltalk Desktop”

  1. Is there a version that will work for ZAMTALK ? I have version 2.0.04 that I bought years ago and it sorta works with ZAM it will reconize rooms but will not automatacaly send sayings into room I have to copy and paste saying in room and then hit send. If not could someone adapt it for ZAMTALK? I really do like this program.

  2. A few days ago, I installed ZamTalk, and it’s hard to sign up as a user. When I signed in after registering, it said “user is banned,” so I decided not to use ZamTalk again and uninstalled. 

        1. Here is response I got back ..hope this helps you….The person tried to regester the nic Trivia123 is there anyway you can check that out or suggest another nic
          .Mehmaan.: Let me check it now
          .Mehmaan.: he is not banned
          .Mehmaan.: may be he put wrong password for 4 to 5 times
          .Mehmaan.: so System gives auto ban
          .Mehmaan.: for 5 minutes
          .Mehmaan.: for Security purpose ..

  3. NVYE…I found that nic so I added it to my list however it ya nic starts with small t so it’s trivia123 just hope you remember your password you used BTW my nic is RICKinFL if you are able to log in let me know…good luck

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