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So I haven’t use linuxin a lonngggggggg time and was bore and decided to check whats new out there. And OMG! the last Linux OS I used was Ubuntu and its okay, but this Linux Mint which apparently being out for a while is amazing, I dare say better than windows 🙂 Check it out here and if you decide to install it and you going to dual boot with Windows check this tool I am using to do just that

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  1. Welcome to the ‘nix world Loco!! I have been actively dual booting Windows and Mint for over 5 years now too. Personal choice for me is the KDE desktop because it is so easy to customize. KDE got a bad rap a few years back as being a resource/memory hog but my testing proved that it is lighter than MATE or Cinnamon and not much more than Xfce. I also agree with using EasyBCD. The way I use it if my MBR or Grub get corrupted I can still boot into at least one of the OS to do repairs. I always install grub in the linux partition and never let it overwrite my Windows MBR.

  2. Yea man like lately I only use windows for work and some programming, so mostly I am using Linux 🙂 and I love it lol I neva tried KDE cause of the bad rap u said ehhe bu I might try it now 🙂 but bro Linux mint Cinnamon is amazing 🙂

  3. Mint Cinnamon is the main one for the Mint devs. Cinnamon is their own spin on a desktop. I have always liked how the recent releases just work lol

    Here is a screenshot of my “FrankenMint” desktop. (FrankenMint is Mint KDE + KDE Neon repos so I have the latest KDE Plasma5 and KDE apps) Second screenshot is system resources used at rest so you can see how light KDE is even on this old laptop.

  4. Another cool thing about dual-boot? You can access almost all files in your Windows partition and even repair virus/malware damage to Windows from your linux os without needing to boot from a “rescue disk”. Just install ClamAV or any linux compatible antivirus program and scan the Windows partition from linux. ClamAV is usable from commandline or gui.

  5. Lol that’s exactly what I do, like right now all the files I download I test them in linux 🙂 don’t trust windows at all. Can’t wait for Linux Mint 19 to be final its even faster 🙂

  6. Linux Mint 19 (Tara) has been officially released now but there will be “bugs” to work through until the 19.1 release. I switched over to KDE Neon since the Mint team decided to drop the KDE version. Both are based on Debian/Ubuntu and Neon is stripped down so I can add only the apps/programs I need or want. Still waiting on the version based on Ubuntu 18.04 but it will be worth the wait.

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