May i buy software ?

Hi there, since 2 years i know this site.
I was thinking may i buy software ? And pay by PayPal ?

If i ask for a software, is there someone who can make that for me or give me working software ?

I needs some working software.

1. Anti bounce / dot (Admins won’t be able to dot or bounce me from the room)
2. Jump on the mic (If i want i will be able to jump on the mic, and no one will be able to get the mic while i’m on the mic)
3. Want a software to use in others room (Without being an Admin in others room, i will be able to open their admin console, dot whole room)

You can offer me, if you can make such powerful interesting software ?

In the mean time when you make or fix a software for me, i can send the money to Locohacker, and you get your payment from him or i may send you directly.

Or if it’s against of the rule, i’m sorry. Please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

2 thoughts on “May i buy software ?

  1. I’ve sent you pm, but still now you didn’t answer me. And i’m not clear about your post. It’s not clear.

    Can anyone help me please ?

    Also i need multipaltalk. I’m using version 10. build 402

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