Mic Jumper v1.0 – (News)

Thanks a lot to Locohacker for his full support, Notice that I couldnt have done this product without his help,,,I owe you LOCO!

Mic Jumper v1.0 Beta (Voice Activated)

Another Mic Jumper, With options to Jump on Mic Release Mic & Lock Mic!

Mic Jumper Options:
– Jump Button
– Release Button
– Lock Button
– Room Locater (Works in Pm & Private rooms too)
– Link Label (With redirection to Imfiles)
– 3 Text Labels when Jump, Release and Lock

Added Graphics:
– New Imfiles Icon (Created by ChiNa-Man)
– Imfiles Mic Logo (Created by ChiNa-Man)

Created By: ChiNa-Man

Script Author: Locohacker
Created for: Imfiles.com
Credits to: Locohacker

Ps, This is my first REAL vB Product, if you find any bugs plz post it below this topic, Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Mic Jumper v1.0 – (News)

  1. Thansk a lot Locohacker for the support and for always keeping Imfiles & the developers on top of Paltalk Programming.. And surely a big thanks to AutoPilot for his contribution on the script…

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