Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error , How ?

Hello Everyone 🙂 Am new to the website and i wish that am welcomed 😀

I need help to figure out somthing , i need your help guyz , will be veerrry appretiated xD

Recently , I had an error message poping up and close my paltalk program by force , it says ” Runtime Error! Program: C:Program FilesPaltalk Messengerpaltalk.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application`s suppor team for more information “

I ll try to put an image for it if needed , more about the problem that : it happens frequently in only 1 room , but it never happened to me in any other rooms , so i think its an attack made by someone to that room , cause all the ppl in that room only forced to restart paltalk .

Does anyone know anything about this , and by any chance know how its made ? Please help me and i really really appreitate any replay to me 😀

Peace xD

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  1. Ouch, I hope some hackers didnt come with some new stuff, last thing are u using windows xp by nay chance? cause i use to get some erros like that on windows xp never had them on vista or 7

  2. Hi locohacker

    about this message it comes everyday now in some room and im sure its an attack because only some room affected by this error and when it come all member in the room will by log-out directly caused by this error

    and every time this message appear i notice that only 3 room not affected and they will be in the top that mean some body from that 3 room is attacking our rooms so they can go on top of us

    we try every thing even new pc

    the only way to avoid this message now is entering from mobile phone or paltalk express website

  3. umm if it’s only happening in that room it must be something to do with what types of ads they have in the room prob, but still that has to domore with paltalk than with one room, have you tried reinstalling paltalk?

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