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Hello all, how r u doing

I was wondering if there is a way to have a tool that indicates who in the room is logged in from a mobile!
If somebody in your Pal list is logged from a mobile there is a phone icon on his nick, so I thought maybe the “thing” that lets Paltalk know about it could be retrieved somehow to show you the same icon (or whatever) but in a room user list not just your own added ones.

I got this idea/request because 90% of flooders/swearers use their smart phones to make a mess of your room and bypass bans with some sort of program! It’s becoming extreeeeemely annoying 😕

Wherever your response is positive or negative, I thank you very much for everything!

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  1. Very good Question, But sadly there is no tool like that! Maybe we will take that as a consideration and see what we can do, or maybe built a tool if its possible! I will note this in my list for future!

    Thanks for your time!

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