Movie Maker (Finally Released for Windows 7)

Hi Guys, I was wondering why Windows Movie Maker has been in every version of Windows since Me… XP and Vista… but it’s not in Windows 7. What does that mean to the community of Movie Maker users? They can download and install Window Live Movie Maker and MM2.6, add Photo Story 3, and continue making movies… NO WAY MAN!

BUT BUT, I have good new. Today I found a release by Microsoft of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7… Its called Windows Movie Maker 2.6 and can be downloaded directly from microsoft and only 7MBS, This is also compatible with Windows Vista! Finally we can use the Golden Age Windows Movie Maker again!
I already made my first movie

But you dont have to Download it from Microsoft, because I will provide you guys the download BELOW!

Image from My Windows 7 PC

I have on thing to say, ENJOY this as long as it lasts!

Download from Mediafire:

Download from Microsoft:

By ChiNa-Man

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