MultiPaltalk (Balool2+Color) (1ClickInstall) ChiNaPal

This is ChiNa-Multi Paltalk with Integrated Balool 2.0, With Color Nicknames And Many other features


Instrcutions 2 Paltalk Builds:

Just Start the ChiNaPalSetup B422 Balool2 UpdatedIcons.exe
And Click Next ALL THE WAY, Wait till its Done! Balool 2.0 will Install the application automaticly,
it will also update itself if a new version is out! AMAZING!!

Download ChiNa-Paltalk (Balool 2) Update)

1. ChiNa-Paltalk Build 430 With Balool 2.0 Inside

<span style="color: #FF0000]2. ChiNa-Paltalk Build 422 WithBalool 2.0 Inside[/size”>

3. ChiNa-Paltalk Build 419 With Balool 2.0 Inside (WITH SMILEY UPDATE)

Dont forget to install Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 to make Balool run correctly.!
Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1!

For Color Nicks Contact Dutchplace Admins, Pacman or @Dutch Tulipl! Your name has to be put in server, may take 24-48 hours,

By ChiNa-Man / ChiNa-Boy!

Thanks to Im-Integrations, Dutchplace and Imfiles for backing up this project, and to make Balool very easy to install, but I have made it much more easier,,and I am in it all the way! Its very easy to install, nothing has changed,

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