Need help with delphi!


I really need some help i am desperate for a solution!

I have a offline messenging form/unit.

It will not allow me to compile

I get the following errors:

[Error] OfflinesUnit.pas(103): Undeclared identifier: ‘LoadString’
[Error] OfflinesUnit.pas(142): Undeclared identifier: ‘LoadString’
[Fatal Error] MainUnit.pas(480): Could not compile used unit ‘OfflinesUnit.pas’

Error 1:

procedure TOfflinesForm.FormShow(Sender: TObject); var i: Integer; PMText: string; begin for i := 0 to OfflineList.Count – 1 do begin OfflineListView.Items.Add; OfflineListView.Items.Caption := OfflineSenders.Strings; OfflineListView.Items.SubItems.Add(OfflineList.Strings); Viewer.LoadString(PChar(OfflineList.Objects),”,HTMLType); Viewer.SelectAll; PMText := Viewer.SelText; Viewer.SelLength := 0; Viewer.Clear; OfflineListView.Items.SubItems.Add(PMText); end; end;
Error 2:

procedure TOfflinesForm.SendTextToViewer(User, Text: string; UserColor: TColor); var Str: string; begin Str := ‘<B><font size=0 color=#’+IntToHeWebColor(BUDDYNICKCOLOR),8)+’>’+User+’:</font></B> ‘; Str := Str + ReplaceSmilesText(‘ ‘+Text); // Str := CorrectHTMLLinks(Str); Viewer.LoadString(Str,”,HTMLType); Viewer.VScrollBarPosition := Viewer.VScrollBar.Max; Viewer.Invalidate; end;
Sorry if it looks weird, im not used to using code tags here! I’m New!

One thought on “Need help with delphi!

  1. What ever the “Viewer” component¬†is, it is calling a function that doesn’t exist(Viewer.LoadString). You maybe using using a different ¬†version of the component. E.g the code may have been written in an older version of Delphi or “Viewer” could be a 3rd party component that has been updated.

    Would need more information about the component viewer to help you any further.

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