new build 512 alpha

new build 512 alpha

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Eventually Paltalk May remove the Link above, when new updates are out! But you can always download it from our Download Page!

If the Link Dies, Then you can still download it from our Download Page (Link Below)
Download Paltalk Build 512 – Aplha:

5 thoughts on “new build 512 alpha

  1. Yup all they “fix” now is issues related to stupid vitual gifts that ppl spends lots of money on.
    I don’t mind aquizining a buck from ppl that fopr some reason are willing to pay but when I used to work those kind of bugs would be marked “show stopper” and would have never been released, let alone not fixed when reported.

  2. ‘@Loco bro 😀 lol

    @Chike lol, I agree! Chike we would love to see your comments in ImFiles Facebook Profile Page or Fan Page too ! I will def support your comments and thumbs up 😀 hahaha They are always interesting

    @Thor_pt, can you please add the FrontPage link also in your Thread. Because you know that Paltalk will remove the all the Download links again one day, and the topic in here will be with no links. So if you could add Download Link that we have in our frontpage after LocoHacker have published it the next day.

    I know that sometimes We or the Members get the updates befor, but you can always come back and add the link below! Thanks mate

    Ps, I edited your thread and added the link.

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