NEW Paltalk for Windows Desktop

NEW Paltalk for Windows Desktop as @linker and other in the forums have pointed out, Paltalk is working on a new version of paltalk totally different from the current version. The new Paltalk has a one window interface just like the mac version. One bad thing about it none of the programs we currently have work on it, so try it out if you want 🙂
Download it here


8 thoughts on “NEW Paltalk for Windows Desktop

  1. It is way different and will take some getting use to.

    Going off the topic for a minute i don’t know if some people are doing it or not from the forum but we should start a imfiles page on youtube and do some reviews on software and hardware would be pretty cool and i know we have enough people if they would do it. call it something like imfiles tech. What do you guys think lets hear some feedback please.

  2. I been told 2 reasons the old paltalk is going for

    1. security reasons

    2. compatibility with the mac version

    to be honest the new paltalk sux bad. when it auot grabs the mic when it is your turn it never works the way they have the layout sux they need to do a lot of work before closing the old version down so paltalk needs to get there act together for sure

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