Pal Locator v3.0

Pal Locator is a program that you can use to find out where the person location is in Paltalk. It has real cool features such as Flag display and more,   New Options in v3 Members Users Gender/Sex Members Age Nickname (Username) Basic Options Members user ID Members Country Name Membres Country Flag UID to … Read More

HDMusicBot Professional v4.5

HDMusicBot is a free light weight multimedia player that plays and supports a wide variety of audio and video formats (mp3, wma, mpeg, flv, flac, etcs…). It also comes with a streaming server that enables you to stream media. HDMusicBot provides a simple, straightforward interface with standard playback controls. HDMusicBot allows the user to organize … Read More

Paltalk X Profile Tool v3

X-Profile Tool v3 Please read first: Paltalk has officially removed the Guestbook Page, Mini Profile Page and other Users Profile Pages and Group Pages that we were using for our Programs, and especially XProfile Tool. This Includes the many Cool Options and Links Used in XProfile Tool v1 and v2. We even had a 3rd … Read More

Paltalk Quick-Register Tool

New Updates: August 2014. Paltalk has now officially removed all Registration Pages from their Website. You can now only Register using the Messsenger. We know that this still worked even after they removal of Registration Pages. Dont know if they will keep or block this one as well. If it stopped working, Please report it … Read More

Admin Console v1.0

Admin Console v1.0 With Fast Bouncer a program made by ChiNa-Man in .net is use by admins in paltalk rooms to do may functions faster. This programs has a real cool design it was beautiful made. This are the following functions which can be made directly in the Program Fast Bouncer – You can just … Read More

Camfrog 6.4 Build 258

Camfrog 6.4 with these new features Facebook Signup and Login, so you will be able to automatically login into Facebook directly via the camfrog client. Offline messaging., you will be able to receive messages even when you not online a real nice feature. More Features include. 720p HD video calls. Support for Camfrog Coins and … Read More