Pal List Manager v1.0


You can import or export your pal list easier now ­čśë

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Thanks to Mr Chike about the idea to get the pal list from the invite Hwnd
but i use the “Open or Join a Room As Admin” ComboBox hwnd to get the list.

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  1. Jiiix I recommend you add this Tool with your Pallist Importer. This would make more sense Both tools would fit perfect together!

    Ps,I didnt see the Greets Part. Cool and Thanks ­čśÇ

    Edited Topic / After Testing:

    Below I have attached a Screenshot of how it Looks on Windows 7 and Windows Vista, I think your Window Resolution is Large on your Computer so your Products seems Big. I also recommend that if you make them a bit Larger, it could be very awsome, Is very Small on my Windows 7 and Windows Vista. I measured it to 242 px  / 234 px in Size! Hope this was helpfull for your next release!

    Updates:/ Not working for me Windows 7 and Vista

    Says Please start your Paltalk Messenger…………….. I did restart, and still the same…




  2. ‘@china-man

    Yes bro i have customized my screen because my laptop have Full HD screen and with the normale mode everything is small hhhhhhhhhhh

    about the message “please start your Paltalk

    i think you are using an beta version of the paltalk

    but i fix it with this function

    { Get Paltalk Hwnd}
    function GetPaltalkHWND: HWND;
      if FindWindow('SEINFELD_SUPERMAN','Paltalk Messenger') <> 0 then
      Result := FindWindow('SEINFELD_SUPERMAN','Paltalk Messenger')
        FindWindowWildcard('Paltalk Messenger', PalWinTitle);
        Result := FindWindow(nil,PChar(PalWinTitle));

    please run my tool again and update me with the result bro.

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