pal spy help?

can anybody help me spy on my ex while shes on pal playin with some other guy? i got pal spy but no luck with ! any help would be much appreciated
ie progggrams and how to run them

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  1. Can i tell u a manly advice, forget bout her, trust me there lots of girls out there, it might hurt a first, but you will move on evetually, 😈 so fuck her and get a crazy bitch jeje 😉

  2. o thats easy
    all u had to do was ask h2k to teach u how they do it

    [11:39:30 PM] (]xxxx[)zzzz: xbox live
    [11:39:38 PM] Graham: im trying to spy on kelli
    [11:39:38 PM] http://www.PalTrivi: yea
    [11:39:43 PM] M3THOD: lol
    [11:39:45 PM] http://www.PalTrivi: lol Graham let her go
    [11:39:51 PM] M3THOD: ima spy on my bitch too graham
    [11:39:51 PM] M3THOD: lol

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