5 thoughts on “PalsListImporter v1.0

  1. Hello @chike
    you can export the list using PalTool (geting the pals list from the room) ,Banned list from this tool BannedRenewal or you can create the list manually.
    the idea form coded this tool is just repaying to my brother @china-man  in here 

    but finally we will figure out  the CAccordionCtl soon or later to create the PalsManager tool.

    i’m currently out of coding new tools, i’m stick in the¬†jazari project.


  2. Inly reason for import tool is to migrate your pals from one nick to another. Getting pals from a room is not a solution.

    Forget about CAccordionCtl , you can simply open the send im to many pals window and get the names from the SysListView32

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