paltalk 10.2 build 453

i can’t send text to paltalk 10.2 build 453 what is wrong?
it was working fine for the previous version did any thing change?
using 2012

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  1. @locohacker wrote:

    Weird, I having the same issues using the index connection but the indexes still the same.

    You sure you counted them all?
    Do you get the right window handle? Vrify it with winspy or whatever you are using.

  2. Post the code that deals with determining which version of pal is being used and I might be able to help you.

    You are using vb2012? Are you using the RC version of VS2012?

  3. just out of interest what has release candidate of visual studio 2012 have to do with non working code? does the compiler create incorrect code or something like that? typical of microsoft….. but then again its not a final release right??

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