Paltalk 10 Programs Update

Here we go 🙂 I starting to make updates to the programs to work for paltalk 10 i will put them here first for testing, so if you guys find any issues please post them here. Thanks to String and others from this site 8) with the updates help

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  1. I love this Winamp bot 10, but it won’t let the admins that I add and save in the admin box use the commands, only me (the room owner)….any ideas?

  2. Nop only one admin has to have the program running 🙂 lol but I have an issue I test it and it works but I need an extra admin to see if it works from their side 🙂 ah chike might be right some of my programs due have an issue with lower and upper case 😥

  3. Ah 🙂 one thing when you try it, did you restart paltalk beta 396 cause I dont know why but if you try to use program in paltalk first start it don’t seem to work. But I gonna chek it to make sure 🙂

  4. @locohacker wrote:

    Ah 🙂 one thing when you try it, did you restart paltalk beta 396

    Not sure of what you mean, But I always start Paltalk first–in this case Beta 396–then I enter the room as Admin, Finally I start Admin Bot 10v3 and Click on Connect & Start to enable it in the room.

  5. 🙂 like install the new build again start it once, then close it, and start it again and try the programs, i dont know why but that happens to me sometimes, the programs wont work first time I started paltalk but then when I restart paltalk again they work 🙄

  6. I’m having some trouble with both the swear bot and the responder….

    In Swear bot, if I add the word “ass” (for argument sake) to the monitored phrases, the swear bot would dot or bounce (depending on the action I choose) anyone who woud type the word “assortment” or the word “brass” because the the word ass is included in those words, but they’re not really “ass”.

    Same thing in the responder….

    If add the word “hi” and the reply “Hi and Welcome to the room”, the responder will also respond to the words “high”, “highest”, “history” etc. with the reply.

    Is there any way to more accurately specify the words…exclusive ass, hi etc…?

    Thank you.

  7. 🙂 well I kindna did, I found a solution, when adding a word to the bot add it with a space before and a space after, so instead of adding “word” you add ” word” and “word ” you see with the space the bot wont go crazy and bounce everyone that says wordotherstuff 🙂 it works 😆

  8. Wicked the ones int the first posts was me ): the others in the second post was wazzu :mrgreen:

    UDP Umm honestly I never use it multi room yet lol Im too cheap to buy green nicks ehhe, umm I think you need to have a room open one at the time to connect ehhe I think I really never done multi connections. But still it should connect to the one that’s active by theory, but I give it a looksy with a free 1 week trial lol

  9. Yes, it works perfectly for me, just not for any added admins. Thanks for responding!
    I assume that they don’t need to have the program installed to use it, otherwise it would probably defeat the purpose of adding them to a list, right?

  10. @UPDPAl wrote:

    tw, the program doesn’t work on the latest beta 10

    What is the build number of pal you are using? And, can you define “program doesn’t work”?

  11. Paltalk Beta 10.0 Build 396

    Admin Bot 10v3 doesn’t seem to work with Paltalk Beta 10.0 Build 396 in General…
    *Bouncing & red-dotting via hot keys do not work
    *Greeter does not work either
    *Room Stats doesn’t work

    I didn’t test the others..but most likely the whole program doesn’t work in Paltalk beta 10.0 build 396 🙁

    I uninstalled beta and went back to Paltalk Final 10 build 389 cuz Admin Bot works fine with it. 😉

  12. @locohacker wrote:

    PS: I updated the admin Bot to fix when the message send to the room look like ???????? 🙂 so download it again 😉

    i tested its working find loco …:d … im gonna try again if there are any problem i’ll let you know 😉 thanks loco

  13. Hi, I downloaded and Started Admin Bot 10.2
    I have both entry and exiting messages enabled in Paltalk. I connected and Started Admin Bot. The List is Unable to read the room nicks/admins–the pop-up list is always empty and doesn’t help. I had to manually add each admin.

  14. Also, When running different instances of the program to control multiple rooms:-

    If I open room (1) and room (2) at the same time, and try to connect Admin bot to room (2) while in room (2), the program will connect to room (1) instead. If I am in room (1) and try to connect to room (1), the program will connect to room (2) instead.

    In other words it connects to the other open room rather than the room I’m active in. 🙂

  15. I think I’ll stick with Paltalk 10 Final 389 for now…I’m not a big fan of Beta’s. I’ll download and install Build 396 after they finalize it :)…Thx Locohacker 🙂

  16. @UPDPAl wrote:

    hopefully in future updates, the program won’t consume as much memory

    The memory usage is caused by the CPU Usage Monitor. Click on Disable in the Admin tab to cut the memory usage down.

  17. Actually what I did (before u’r comment) was to add space before and after the word >>>>>> ” WORD “; However, Your idea is much better because it solves the problem when sm1 starts a sentence with a bad word. Thank you so much. Just one more thing; hopefully in future updates, the program won’t consume as much memory–gr8 program though!!…Thank you. 🙂

  18. Yes, I thought of that and made sure that it was entered exactly as it shows, thanks for the input.
    I would be more than willing to help you test it, loco…just let me know when and where!
    My room is under ‘sports & hobbies’ > ‘American Football’ (you need to enable ‘adult content’ it’s an R rated room, sports fans are belligerent…lol), and is called NFL Football 2, and I can usually be found there, but will keep an eye on this thread.

  19. Oh, one other thing that I was wondering about….The button ‘open recording control’ seems to open the volume mixer in windows 7, instead of the recording control. I know jack about coding, so I can only ask, but is it possible to make a button control that would change the default recording device to ‘stereo mix’ and another to switch it back to ‘microphone’, or is that wishing against hope? Thanks for listening.

  20. 🙂 aigh this Thursday i will have time to take a quick look if I dont get lucky ehhehehe
    umm the stereo mix thingy well if is not too much coding sure 🙂 when im in school I either studying or with my girl ehehheh 😉 so I cant code much but if is easy i do it for ya :swift:

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