Paltalk 11.0 Build 533

There has been reported issues when Raising your Hand in the rooms ! When you raise your hand Paltalk will crash immediately. We have found a FIX for users who want to use Build 533, untill Paltalk releases a new Build! We found out that one of the Images for the Raising Hand were missing inside the Skin Database Folder. Link for the Real Topc Here >>

PS, Edited by Admin (Fix – The Installer for the Fix is Attached Below)!

How to Fix It – Instruction:

1) First Download and Install Paltalk Messenger from
2) After you have Installed Paltalk, then make sure to Close and EXIT Paltalk! Also from your TaskBar below.
3) Now download the Installer attached below, and simply run it to Install and Patch the old File.
4) After you have Installed the Fix, Start your Paltalk Messenger and the Crashing Issue wont be there anymore when you raise your hand!

Download Mediafire:
Download Portable: < Crash on Raising Hand –
Get the FIX for Raising Hand Crash >>

PS, thanks to my friend and brother China for the fix.

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3 thoughts on “Paltalk 11.0 Build 533

  1. Thanks for the share Pa36Ohjuk, I have edited your post bro, Please read below!

    I dont know if somebody noticed that when raising your hand in Build 533 you will be disconnected and your Paltalk will crash! We found the fix, which Pa36OHJUK have posted above after he posted the topic!

    I have uploaded the Installer for the Fix in the Topic above and also added an Instruction about how to Fix the “Raising Hand” Crash Issue.. Topic posted first time on>>

    Ps, Thanks to Pa36Ohjuk for Always keeping us Updated with the Latest Versions of Paltalk!

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