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Paltalk 11.1 Build 538

Paltalk Messenger

Paltalk 11.1 is another update to paltalk that really makes no sense to me. Patlalk is like jumping all over the place with all this new updates. This new version is out when the old one paltalk 11 is not even stable so they must be trying stuff and fixing bugs because honestly I see no difference to the older builds and there is no info anywhere about what is it they are changing in this new version for now 🙂

Old Paltalk 11.1 Builds: 536 537

4 thoughts on “Paltalk 11.1 Build 538”

  1. I also toticed that the old Red Alerts are back! They were all in GRAY, So no more Gray Alerts. Plus the Welcome Alerts are in Blue now. They were also in Gray! Thanks for the @Loco! Loool, I love your Updates and Description of the Paltalk Builds! I always look what kinda changes there has been made. mostly because you are so 120% Right hahaa

  2. Paltalk New Shit, with this you’re the Form paltalk new, bad wanting Changing room asim paltalk is the weak No Tedencias New aconteceudo the new rooms … who will change the room with those Plublicidade Forcing Purchase Nink … Chatao … I feel sorry for New Users …

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