Paltalk 11.2 Build 541 beta

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2 thoughts on “Paltalk 11.2 Build 541 beta

  1. Changes in PALTALK BUILD 541:

    New look Welcome Widget.
    New larger video viewer size in chat room header.
    Added members online and groups data on bottom of Pal list.
    The SMS composer and Phone dialer are now built into the Pal list.
    Many smaller bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvement’s.

    And the Stickers Page seems to work now!

    Perfect Job Pa! Glad to see you uploaded the 541 to Mediafire as well!

    @Chike and Loco Might get surprised 😀

  2. Once they fix the bugs I care about I’ll be surprised.
    Stickers, SMS and BS, no one come to pal for this.
    The only thing pal has to offer is voice and video chat.

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