Paltalk 11.5 Programs VB6 Source Codes

Here is the source codes to the paltalk programs to work with the new paltalk 11.5. This is a simple update I did, Im working on using chikes codes to make it better if its not difficult lol

8 thoughts on “Paltalk 11.5 Programs VB6 Source Codes

  1. Hiyaa 😉 excellent I will have a play 😉 thanks for updating them I want to check out the Trivia Bot 😉 Can I use this in a public paltalk chatroom like the Triviamaster bot lol im still learning how to use these bots on paltalk 😉 bit of a noob lol

  2. Hey there Loco, its me, Deeva.  Had to make a new account. Im glad to see the site updated. It sure as hell was fucking ugly! Anyway lol Where are the VB files to open up in my Visual Studio?

  3. <p style=”text-align: left;”>Dude, wanna link me to where I can download VB6? I can use the code fine if I convert it..but..hold up let me open it up and see what I got.</p>

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