Paltalk 11.6 Build 614

Paltalk 11.6 is another update to the Paltalk chat program. In terms of how it looks this new Paltalk version looks just like previous versions of Paltalk. Most likely this is jsut an update to work otu some of the bugs the Paltalk been having in older versions and Also Paltalk used this updates to stop some of the tricks that hackers have learn to mess with Paltalk.

Note: If you are having problems with the Programs in Paltalk 11.5, they are working in this Paltalk 11.6 version.

Older Paltalk 11.6 builds: 600 602 603 604 605 606 608 609 611

Download Paltalk 11.6 Build 614

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  1. Kristen, Here on imFiles we do not have support for the Stickers or Smiley Packs not released by us. But if you are using the China-Stickers Pack 81×81 or 48×48 by our friends, then I can tell that you are using the wrong Version. You have to Download and Install Paltalk Messenger Build 579 or Builds above 579 in order to use the Free Stickers Pack. The Old Stickers Pack is no longer available for Build 576 or lower Paltalk Builds. So make sure to Download a new Paltalk Version above Build 579 to use the Free Stickers Pack 81×81 or 48×48 by China-Cheats.

    Below are the Download Links for the latest Stickers Pack made for Builds from 579 to 603 and later by our friends at China-Cheats.

    Paltalk Stickers For Build 579 to 581:

    Small Pack 48×48 for Build 579 to 581

    Large Pack 81×81 for Build 579 to 581

    Paltalk Stickers For Build 603 and Later:

    Small Pack 48×48 for Build 603 and Later:

    Large Pack 81×81 for Build 603 and Later:

    Here is a direct Link to All The Stickers Pack on China-Cheats and for Different Paltalk Builds. >> .

    Regards China / imFiles Staff

  2. @John, Sorry to hear that. You should contact them on their forums by visiting the Guest Section all the way below the forums. In there you can post your email and your desired username and the Admin or Mods should Contact you asap throug email!

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