Paltalk 11 Programs VB6 Source Codes

Here is the updated versions of the programs that can work for Paltalk 11 and up, I think 10 too πŸ™‚

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  1. umm all the programs are not connecting or just one. Last time I tested it did work with 11.2 but if its one program tell me I check it for ya πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you Locohacker, as you are always available and helpful for everyone ..
    the update of paltalk admin bot will be very helpful ..

    thank you in advance

  3. umm it works for me 😯 K what windows you programming on and does it connect to the room like in the connect boxΒ  or you don’t see the room name in it ❓

  4. Hello Loco. I downloaded your adminbot code and have been using adminbot. VERY NICE !

    I know how to code in VB6 and like your code.

    Is there any way to auto-mute a particular nick? got a few I dont want to list to LOL !
    Is there any way to auto-ignore a particular nick?


  5. It can automute? Strange but I dont see that anywhere.

    hard to explain I guess ..
    it would be nice if muting the sound from the room whenever a specific user gets on mic would be nice but not iggy since I would like to mute his voice not his text

    and since I asked that question I was curious if text can be stopped seperately from voice ,,, in other cases allow a users voice while not seeing any text

    no …. nothing to do with pms at all … if I dont want a pm I just minimize the window and let them talk to themselves lol. no need to ever block pms

    Thanks much loco

  6. Ah you mean as a regular user, to mute the person from your pc side, because it wont do it for everyone else but you, ummm I think it can be done. But the way I can do is like, u add names on the nick list to auto mute, once the person takes the mic, the speakers of ur pc will go on mute lol I don’t know if that’s what you want πŸ™‚

  7. yes to mute them for me only .. not to redot mute them from speaking for whole room no
    I would prefer to drop the PalRoom volcontrol to 0 than to mute the PC speakers however

    I looked over your code for MicTimer which is not operational but it eems based on FirstUser which is the user at top of list. This, however, is a problem since a person can change setup so that mic users are not all at top of list hmmmm
    Also how do you detrmine if they have their hand up or using mic? FirstUser might simply be a person at top of list. These are things I would like to work on.

    Take Note?
    there are many things regular users would like to do. being able to send greets they already can do from your “bot”.
    other things such as personal mute is one very much wanted

    being able to time users on mic is another. to time themselves while they are speaking or do a friendly reminder to the person but the reminder does not have to be sent via the “bot”. a timer for common user would be nice

    I have begun analyzing your code and have made many changes. Much of what I picture is hard to describe but a controller that can do both normal visitors and also admin controls would be well received.

    I dont know where you get many of the codes from but I would like to join into such discusions and posibly add code and suggestions.

  8. hmmmmm perhaps I should try to be more succinct

    How do I detect current person using Mic?
    How do I detect person with hand up? (I know how to find next or second nick in list)
    How do I change Paltalk VolControl?

    Based on your “AdminBot” code how can these things be done?

    Would you be interested in exchanging ideas?

    BTW: my eMail is

  9. Maybe I can be more succinct?

    Speaking in CODE:
    How can I detect when a person is on the mic? I know how to get FirstUser from the list but how can I actually detect they are on mic speaking?

    How can I detect if SecondUser has their hand up?

    How can I manipulate the Paltalk volume control?

  10. Ah K I look into it, πŸ™‚ but I get real busy sometimes and unless is easy it takes a while. You talking about the talk timer I made, I stop updating it because is real unstable πŸ™‚ it use to do crazy things ehehhehe. But I like your suggestions I thinking on making like a basic user program, so they can do a bunch of stuff easy from the program, one of them will be auto mute πŸ™‚

    Okay the way the bot detects if the person is on mic is that it gets numbers which represent if the mic is up, or hands is up, or is mute.Β  When I get my pc setup so I can work with vb 6 I going to show you what I mean πŸ™‚

  11. OK! we are thinking alike GMTA !

    I have already seperated common user and admin and did many error trappings and plenty of changes for the things you and I are talking about. I am an accomplished programmer.

    How about we use eMail and collaborate this thing?

  12. No worries ok. Here is the exe so you can have a look.

    The code I did extensive cleaning up.


    – in situations where the admin red dots someone / the user wants to iggy permenantly in the room so each time they go to room they dont have to listen to that person
    – user may want to not listen to a person but will accept room text

    it would be nice things to have and its ok to have an exterior controller even by PAltalk legalities

    yup asked you for code help in creating a mic mute .. offered to be a part of this project or whatever it is that is coming up with these ideas .. you did mention its a compilation from several people

    hope you like it

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