Paltalk 9.7 Antiban & Multi

Ok guys listen I know where this file comes from and i totaly trust the person And yes i know this file will give you some warnings on and maby on other trojan remover programs. But i wouldn’t post this file if i wasnt shure it was a good file and that it worked. I tested this file and i entered one room whit 3 nicknames , so for me it worked well. If you dont trust this file then simply dont download it, period (Dont make any complaints) Install Notes: First remove your previous paltalk versions in software and in programfiles. Then install the normal paltalk 9.7 build 317 . wich is in the rar file. Then second , install the Anti Ban & multi paltalk V 9.7 ,wich give you a second icon on your desktop. Now log in whit many nicks and go to same room by clicking this second icon. And yes i want to know if it works for you Link ➡

Note : Soon there will be update for Vista 😉

14 thoughts on “Paltalk 9.7 Antiban & Multi

  1. Actualy ,there are almost 2000 downloads right now , and for those who knows how to install this, (wich is explained many times) owns paltalk right now 😉

  2. your an idiot just cuz it gets downloaded dont mean it workz.


    People dont download this program its a fuckin virus right when i setuped nd restart my computer my hole desktop went black had to scan my computer with malware to remove thiss stupid virus.

    This site is full of fraud and lame people now-a-days……

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