Paltalk 9.9 Beta Build 361

The new Paltalk 9.9 Beta Build 361 is here
It comnes with the following updates and bug fixes 😉
Bug: Windows 7 maximize height on a IM
Bug: SuperIM display picture logic is broken, DP’s are going missing.
Bug: Disable start webcam button when member is offline.
Bug: Tooltip on SuperIM filmstrip layout not behaving correctly on XP.
Bug: Tooltip on Picture in picture Small layout not behaving correctly on XP
Bug: IM window title should read “[user] (offline)” when mobile users goes offline.
Bug: Show others the room I’m in feature is showing blank room name when not currenty in a chat room, should show nothing.
Change: Added Shoutcast Graphic to Shoutcast Room header.
Bug: inter-op FB icon is missing
Bug: Nickname shows more than once on Pal list
Bug: inter-op Start a SuperIM option broken
Bug: Presentation mode in a room had painting issues when resizing.
Bug: “Show in separate window” menu item not working
Bug: Swap Viewer to Large option not working in SIM.
Change: Change to hand icon, and add tooltip to Self view window in SuperIM
Change: show mobile msg at start of IM with a member logged on via Mobile client that informs some feature’s may not be avail.
Bug: Inter-op: Clicking on “Start a SuperIM to audio/video chat”,in IM to a FB pal, does nothing, should invite FB pal to SuperIM.
Change: add shoutcast catg and ShoutCast rooms to rooms browser.
Change:: Add Shoutcast Graphic to Shoutcast Room header
Bug: wrong menu item is shown when you want to unblock a mobile user
Bug: disable features not applicable to mobile clinets in the actions menu in IM window with a Mobile member.
Bug: SuperIM menu shows Start webcam when it’s already on
Bug: Nickname remains stay in IM catcher after SIM is closed
Change: Members logged on via Mobile client’s should not show in room invite dialogs, as room chat is not implemented in Mobile yet.
Bug: IM Catcher shows incorrect number of open IM’s
Bug: Nickname stays in IM catcher after IM is closed

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