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Paltalk Admin Bot 11.7

Paltalk Admin Bot is a program that all room admins in paltalk must have. With this program you can control the room basically by itself. It comes with the greeter, announcer, autobouncer and a lot of more features.


  • Auto Bounce: It can be set so when a user which the admin of the room wants to be automatically bounce it will do so, as well as auto mute.
  • Greeter: It has the AutoGreeter included.
  • Stats: You can see as well as save the stats of visitors to your room.
  • Seen Command: Users can ask if the person has being to the room and when.
  • And a lot more.

New in Paltalk Admin Bot 11.7

  • This versions is meant to work with Paltalk 11.7(It does not work with build 619)

We are having an issue with Paltalk Rooms connection, so if you are connecting to a Color room you will have to close than open the room as the Bot is open in order to connect. Im working for a solution to that issue but you can use it til I do.

Old Versions:
10.2 Use this version for Paltalk 10.3 to 10.4 10.3 v.1
V.11 For Paltalk 11.4 and lower.
v.11.5 For Paltalk11.5

50 thoughts on “Paltalk Admin Bot 11.7”

  1. it gives an error after some time.. I am just using the auto greeter but then it gives an error like Out of Resources etc etc… I am on Windows7 ultimate 32 bit and using Paltalk 11.2 build 545

  2. Rony, since you are already using the Admin Bot, can you please check what is exactly working within the Paltalk Admin Bot, and what is not working. Just write it down short below here. Also please check y our Paltalk Build and what Windows version you are using. This is very Important. Feel free to let us know by commenting below here, or join our forums! Thank you for your help Rony!

    1. Hi Dear bro, MessageCrossProcess is not working in Admin Bot. How to get a nick focused in the list of users in the room? If I can focus a nick in the room then I can solve rest of the problems. Could u plz help me? same request to locohacker too. thnx in advance.

        1. It is Paltalk 11.6 Build 604 on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit machine. Everything is working except Swear BOT and Auto Bounce/RedDot. I checked it in debug mode and found that MessageCrossProcess function can not focus/select the desired nick. Can you give me some function which will focus/select a desired nick by its index number or the nick’s string value in VB6 please?
          Thanks in advance, dear Locohacker bro : )

          1. Yeps I tried it on Windows 7 Pro ๐Ÿ™‚ okay one last thing before I install build 604 back, is there anyway you can try it on build 605 of paltalk?

  3. It seems as if the admin bot 11 is not happy on a 64-bit system. It gives an out of memory issue. I’ve had three admins try it . If I understand the de-installation message, it is using the TABCTL32.OCX (32-bit) file. I suspect it is an issue with a 64-bit system and not PalTalk, since it will work a couple of times before giving the error. Is there a version for 64-bit systems yet?

      1. Dear Locohacker bro, can you give me some function which will focus/select a desired nick by its index number or the nickโ€™s string value in VB6 please? AdminBot is bouncing the nick which was pre-focused or pre-selected, it does not bounce the nick that types swearing words if that nick is not focused or selected manually!

      1. It can’t grab the room name in ver 11.6 build 606
        Windoze 7 ultimate 64bit….

        Everything works but no greeter as it doesn’t know where to put it I guess…

    1. What type of Bot do you need? Can you please give us a better Description. I am not sure if it can be done. ZamTalk is using Beyluxe Source, i guess. Its very hard to use the Controls in Beyluxe using Delphi or .NET.

  4. The new version jan 4 2020 doesn’t work with the admin bot.
    Doesn’t see the room in the connect box at the bottom.
    Is this something that is fixable or the end of the best bot you ever made ?

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