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Paltalk Admin Prankster 10.2 v.3

Paltalk Admin Prankster 10.2 is a program made for rooms admins to have some fun with their room visitors. Whats is fun about it is that you are able to speak as if you were one of the people in the room. You can design the message as you wish. It’s easy to use and it could be cool but yet many people be bugging me because some don’t like what it does lol but it just meant for fun in the paltalk room. Unfortunately this only works if you are a room admin not for regular paltalk users.


  • Users have the ability to design text as they wish.

New in Paltalk Admin Prankster 10.2 v.3

  • The Program was updated to work with Paltalk 472

Old Versions: 10.2 For Paltalk 461 and lower.

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