Paltalk Bot Snick Preview :)

So I finally decided to get into VB 2010 🙂 and thanks to Autopilot and String and other I started working in this program that’s gonna kick asz heheh, it will basically combine every program I had made into one, but is much simpler.
This is not the full version Im just putting it here to get suggestions and see if you peeps find bugs in it. The parts for bouncing and redoting via command is what I will be working next, but the greeter, anouncer, responder, musicbot, text design are functional. The swearbot is not yet functional cause I working on the redoting and bouncing commands ): although from the admin tab it already has a redot and bounce buttons.
The basic setting are:
Add admins to the bot in the Admin Tab
Highlight the greet and announcer, message you would like to use in the Greeter and Announcer Tab
Double Click the Text Designs you want to send to the room to send it to the program main Textbox
The anouncer and responder is basically the same as the old programs
Ah remeber to check the checkbox to turn each function in each of the function tabs
As of right now this the commands working, well mostly for the music bot.
Admins only Commands
play play song after pause
next play next song
last play previous song
pause pause the song playing
stop stop song goes to first song, I thinking on changing that thou 🙂
All users Commad:
name name of the current song playing will be send to the room.
The Auto bounce and Autoredot working.
The swearbot working
Added Request to music but peeps I recommend to set it up so only admins can request cause the song request will stop the current song being play 🙂
New commands:
find! something – Where something is part of a song you want to look for, this need some work cause it sends lots of songs if the something is popular in your music list of songs
req! number – Where number is the index number of the song, the user or admin can request that song to be play.
Admins Commands
bc! nick – This will be bounce the nick from the room
rd! nick – This will redot the nick in the room.
No Working Right now
The trivia is not done, the seen not working, the room recorded search feature not working yet.

4 thoughts on “Paltalk Bot Snick Preview :)

  1. i put mine nick as admin and i connect the program to room but i put swearbot word the program not add and in text designs i cant send nothing to room..

  2. Giovanni Corlyorn the swearbot is not working yet 🙂 is that I need to add the bounce and redot codes by selecting nicks, and to send the text design you must double click for it to go to the textbox then use the send command but download it again I uploaded a new version which has an option to send it automatically 🙂

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