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Paltalk Classic Not Working

Paltalk Classic Not Working. As has been reported by users from the site I can confirm that Paltalk Classic is no longer working and Paltalk is forcing users to upgrade to the ne GA version.

This is the error message you get

You are using a version of the application that is outdated and may no longer be used to login with. Would you like to upgrade to the latest version of the software now?

I checked the Paltalk Classic download section on the Paltalk website, and they have the version we have on this site 807. Unfortunately, this means that the programs no longer work. I think Paltalk did this before and then they made it work again, but I have a feeling this is their final decision this time.

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  1. this not work here,too…whis green nick…new pop up commings up ” You are using a version of the application that is outdated and no longer be used to login with. Please update to yours latest version. ( tc-7003 ) can only click on ok there,too…grrrrr

  2. Crap, one thing about paltalk they good at patching things quick.
    One questione tho, you guys use the Paltalk Classic because of the programs made for it? Cause I think is time we find a way to program for the new Paltalk.

  3. I’m on 675 also and if you hold down the escape key and not let up while you hit yes for the first box it works or if you get the second box to update don’t hit the x just hit escape key and then pal will work with version 675 anyway

    1. The sky is not falling. Greeters will eventually work. I put out a roomreader for the new paltalk and I’ve just started using it for my room’s trivia bot, so far so good. Anyone could take my roomreader and create a greeter based on its output.
      Also Paltalk put out a survey yesterday on what features, like greeters, room owners would like. Who know what will come of that but perhaps they’ll include such tools to manage rooms.

  4. hey again,too 😀 807..still runnings fine here..but im user new sittings here…let this run under “windows vista (service pack 2)” becures anothers sittings on XP mode..not work perfect,too…but im still not get any pop up or somethings up abount upgrade..and on windows 10 here , whis green nick..

  5. Download Paltalk Classic version 807 then right click on the desktop Icon. Click on Properties then click on Compatibility then run Programme compatibilty mode for Windows XP (service pack 2) click apply then OK. You should now be able to run Paltalk Classic.

  6. Hi Jemma. I followed your instructions and it worked great…thank you but I had to reboot my computer back to factory settings. I tried your instructions once again and this time it didnt work. Can you help me please Thank you

  7. Hi I have had the same problem for the last couple of days, will not let me into paltalk. Guess that the end of classic paltalk unless someone knows how to get round it. Sorry I just dont like the new paltalk.
    Any information would be appreciated thank you

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