Paltalk Classic 11.8 Build 807

Paltalk Classic is the old version of Paltalk. I’ve been getting a lot of question about this Paltalk build so I made this post, so you guys can get the latest build. Even tho Paltalk 11.8 is consider to be the classic version, most people don’t know and I receive PMs about it 🙂 For the most part this build are not longer working. As soon as you start Paltalk classic, you will be ask to upgrade to the new Paltalk GA version. Some people say that the old patlak classic still works.
Here are the links
From Paltalk Directly:
From this site:
Now if you still want to get older versions you can get them Here

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  1. I Nullgest7 Have Worked Out in how to Stop Paltalk New Beta Platform from Upgrading from the Older Version 11.8. If you wish to add me to your Pal-list I will be Happy to explain more in deeper details as this Forum may not support in what I have to share to members. Thankyou!!

  2. Hey There: Locohacker, Can you Help – I was not able to find my post under forum. Can you send me the link Please, Thankyou Kindly ! (P.s) Sorry that it was so long and hope you was about to break it down Simpler ) 🙂

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