does anyone have and example of the encrytion only how they hash the userid/pass/other info sent to server which ends up in 7897183978321781329712987981327 from say josh230526 as userid


  1. I can see you almosted Posted something Similar in here right >>

    You should’ve waited untill Departure came back because I am sure he would answer that Topic. Its mainly because not everyone on here knows about Decrypting Paltalk Passwords.  Even tho some does know how to, they might not tell you how because of others Safety.

    For me personally your question is very knowledgable and thats how I got to know how to Encrypt a Password on Paltalk. By asking. So for the sake of Education you might want to visit  You can see the Methods for Paltalk, or Logging into other Devices from Paltalk for example “Aol” and how its decrypted.

    The tutorial is Posted in here >>


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