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Paltalk for Desktop Beta

Paltalk for Desktop is a new version Paltal has been working on. The main feature of this new Paltalk NG version is that every windows is integrated in one window. Unlike the older versions of Paltalk where each window, such as chat room or Private PM had their own separate window pop-up. I decided to put this version on the main site since it seems Paltalk is getting ready to make this the New version of paltalk and may be stopping the usage of the old paltalk 🙁 Unfortunate for the program which we have created they will no work on the new paltalk version and it seems very difficult to program for this new paltalk version.

4 thoughts on “Paltalk for Desktop Beta”

  1. I have a questions:
    Do you plan to create a small mic-switch program for the new Paltalk?
    Or at least can you advise me how to turn off the mic in the new version.
    The newest version (2019 09 15) do not have a way to mute the mic.
    Interestingly the private talk window has this option but the public rooms do not have that switch.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Sincerely yours:

  2. Hi Chill121: Comment on your post. I don’t think it’s worth Installing the Paltalk Beta Older Setup as Paltalk will only get you to upgrade to full version or Latest one anyway.!!!! ( do have older versions on backups, But No way in getting them to you! Happy Hunting 🙂

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