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Paltalk Funtext 11.7

Paltalk Funtext is a cool program to send text to paltalk rooms with many different designs. You have many options to create what ever you want to with color, fader, size and much more. You can use scroll dance that way you send a dance movement to the room. Send one Text multiple times as flooder.


  • Real cool way for users to design text and even text images to send to the room.

New in Paltalk Funtext

  • In this new version the design has been change, now everything is located within tabs for more easily view.
  • Thanks to string codes now you will be able to use it with all paltalks starting with paltalk build 9, even thou many don’t use or it paltalk stop it lol.

Older Versions: v.2 for Build 461 and lower.
v.11 For paltalk 11.4 and lower. v.11.5 For Paltalk 11.5

17 thoughts on “Paltalk Funtext 11.7”

  1. funtext doesnt seem to work with the latest version of chat…have to physically type in room that u are in…ie doesnt recognise….and doesnt work in the room anyway. Ive been using this program for years, its a great one but the latest paltalk doesnt seem to allow it to run. any updates soon to funtext? thanks

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