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Paltalk GA 1.18

Paltalk GA version is the latest Paltalk version. In this new version of Paltalk a new design was created. The look is much smoother and It does look much better than the Paltalk classic. I think Paltalk main focus on this new version is the Cross-Platform integration, so Paltalk will basically look the same on Mac, PC and mobile. One thing I like about the new version even though it messes the programs is that is not gonna be a single window it has multiple windows, like for room, pal list ect.
Some Features:
Unlimited Video chat room.
Private and Public messaging.
Gift sharing and more.}
PS: At this point our programs do not work for this Patalk version.

Download Paltalk GA 1.18

10 thoughts on “Paltalk GA 1.18”

      1. Hey Locker: My Lastest Expereince in my Tinkering of Paltalk with Paltalk Beta 1.15 and Paltalk Classic can work on the one system depending on the age of your Nickname on Paltalk Network other wise will force members to Update to Beta from Classic 675 and Up to 806. I found once you have Paltalk Beta Installed. You ten can Installed Paltalk Classic and works. “Thumbs Up” Im Using Windows 10.

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