Paltalk is forcing update to Paltalk GA version

Well peeps I think the paltalk classic is done for, I was trying to check some programs and is forcing updates. Ah but unlike the all in one window the new Paltalk GA has separate windows, but is shitty cause the programs don’t work 🙁

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  1. Welp, now it seems that the classic version is crashing left and right….it seems to be mostly if you open a cam of someone in the new version…or possible and IM popping up from someone in the new version…it seems that the end is in sight for classic.

    So far, our Trivia and Music bots are holding strong…but I heard rumors of Pal starting to crack down on people with classic….or I am sure they will stop classic login all together shortly.

    Any progress in developer land with interfacing with the new Pal?

    Thank you all.

  2. Hello everyone,
    Well…as of today 12 jan 2020, this is the config that works by me:
    PC Win7 OS
    Paltalk Classic Version: 11.8
    Construction: 806
    Application: v11.8.806.18121
    message is: Good news! You’re using the latest version of Paltalk Messenger.

    As of Paltalk bots, most of them function well with the above version of Pal.
    For example the very complete Paltalk Bot from Locohacker, Autopilot, String,
    Paltalk Bot version: imfiles Copyright 2013
    Paltalk Bot is a program that can be use in Paltalk. It includes many tools, such as Admin Bot, Music Bot, Greeter, Trivia, Sweatbot and alot more.

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