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ok Im not a genius but im working on the login for paltalk protocol anyone with helpful hints would be nice i saw several post before by aranheck departure and some others the encyption of the password id and other info i know you connect you convert server reconnect sends a 24 byte pack to you from there server last 2 bytes are uniqe 6 bytes you send which are const the same  then usually a 48 byte with the first 4 uniqe bytes to refer to id or ver somthing then after the const info  it sends somthing like this “30422916255123903218262131913236”  not looking right now that is uniqe anyone know how they are encrypting the id,pass ,mac? any info appreciated

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  1. ok i am now cheating and stealing my UID the first 4 byte in the 2 login pcks from my regkey ……this leaves the encryptions i am tring to see how my password is encrypted by working backwards from the registry save pass 4 digits per letter is what i have found my pass is 9 letters/number and the stored pass in the reg is 36 i once heard it was alternated with my serial but if i am correct with what i am doing this is no longer the case i belive that in the first 48 byte pack sent it contains your serial as the 12345678918798727987897897 sent encrypted of course everythign else is i would appreciate any knowledge shared how is it encrypted ciphertext like the msg is suppose to be ??????

  2. There are a lot of packets sent for login, I suggest you take a look at smtocx.dll or what ever it use to be called, you can actually call the function the dll contains to encrypted string of all your hardware and folders ect.. this is used along with paltalks own checks, OS version, OS minor version, yahoo ID, msn ID, HD serial, and some other stuff I can’t remember right now. then you have the username and password encryption which the easy part of the login, There is some information on this forum about that part have a look around. then all this information is encrypted with a static string found in paltalk, Once again I don’t remember the exact string but it was something like “The brown fox blahh blahh blahh”. This is what I can remember from of top of my head and it was a long time ago I played around with paltalk login (4-6 years ago) so things might have changed, but I couldn’t imagine they would make it easier.

  3. I thank you departure i belive that static string was “<b>The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog</b>” due to it contains all letters of alphabit i will look into the dll or ocx see if its the same that is what i figured they used but couldnt find what crypt.dll was used in this i will look around for said encryption method for is/pass here thank you anything you remember and if the cipher i stated was correct will be appewciated


  4. if you could remember where on the forums or at least what section visual basic ect the id/pass encryption talk might be would be a great help im looking page by page and trust me alot of pages


  5. i feel lost i have as far as the pal server  all but encrypted data the now 7889732874897328974932874938 things in the 2 packets sent from my client the integrity and rest  ok here would help how is the password and user id encryted that would be a huge help so i can see where they are in the packets at least i would thing the userid would be in first and pass,and serial/mac in second so help me with the easy part

    as you said in above ref

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