Paltalk Messenger 11.4 Build 557

Paltalk Messenger 11.4 Build 557

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The only Updates we got about Build 557 is that its more Secure and the old emotes from Pal 555 , Should Work fine in Build 557.

Thx to Pacman and Dutchplace for the Updates!

Download from Paltalk:

Download from Mediafire:

Portable Version Released by Myself, Download from the Link below!

Download Portable Version:

4 thoughts on “Paltalk Messenger 11.4 Build 557

  1. Im afraid to inform you you are a little bit late on the update, I reported it yesterday.

    And do we realy need a new thread for every release paltalk posts?

  2. Chike, Upss my bad…..

    Ps, Yes I think each and every version should be posted within the forums as Well! And btw, Build 558 has been released too!

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