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Paltalk new basic users cannot use Paltalk Classic

Paltalk New Basic Users cannot use Paltalk Classic. I was trying to use a new nickname I created to work on some programs, but I realized that Paltalk is not letting me use the old Paltalk classic 🙁 Well since I am too cheap to upgrade my username, I will be using and old nickname to log into Paltalk classic. I am writing this so if you plan to use the old Paltalk don’t bother creating a new nickname.

3 thoughts on “Paltalk new basic users cannot use Paltalk Classic”

  1. Hello & Merry Christmas 2021: To Answer all your questions in One. For a Long time Now I have since the New Beta came about: I would Install Beta New Paltalk Then then Install Paltalk Classic Over Top so that this will give you Both Paltalk Versions under ProgramFiles. This is for those that choose to Stay with Paltalk Classic’s and NOT The Newer Version.. But you can Only Run One at a time once Both Installed.. I wish you All Well and See you through-Out 2022 🙂

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