Paltalk Profiler v2.0! By ION 8

This is ION 8’s — 2011 Paltalk Profiler Version 1.2 & 2.0

Version 2.0


More Group details & Group Image
Load Chatroom userlist for easier profiling 😀
Added Gift & Grown Level Images

Download Here –

Version 1.2

Info it Pulls:

Online or Offline
Profile Photo
Profile Views
Displays VIPStar for VIP Users
Gift Points
Crown Level
First Virtual Gift User Received
Chat Group Name
Admin Status
Room Open or Last Open status

It also grabs the USERID# & GroupID# used on paltalks webpages

Download Here –

Thanks to Departure & LocoHacker for all there work

13 thoughts on “Paltalk Profiler v2.0! By ION 8

  1. I would try resetting your browsers cookies, please take a screen shot of the problem by pressing PrtSrc key on your keyboard then opening MS Paint clicking the whitespace and pasting pressing CTRL+V or tell me how I can recreate this issue. This program does not log into any website just visits verious pages on the paltalk server to gather the data to display.

  2. very nice …program work for me …..but i waste my time to tape some one nick name while im in that room just right clik to view profile 😀 …. anyway thank for sharing 😉 cheer

  3. When you right click and view a users profile it does not display the users group details, admin rank & when that room was last open. But ill work on making it easier for ya to profile people thanks for your comments 🙂 Check back soon for updates to the thread

  4. Adding an email option is not possiable because a paltalk users email address is not public info even if you used the email sniffer most usernames searched result in a hidden email address. ********@****

  5. The main goal of this project once its updated and finalized is to integrate the profiler into Auto-Admin tools to automatically bounce underage & no profile users saving admins work when handling large rooms. I feel if I stared adding more details about a users e-mail address & more advanced data it will be misused as a cracking tool, This is a small time project I work on in my free time and eventually once finished the source will be posted so that any user can feel free to modify it to there needs.

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