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Paltalk Quick Admin List

Paltalk Quick Admin List allowes you to Add, Remove and Edit Admin Roles Directly from your Desktop. You can Add, Remove, Change Admins to your Admin List on, Including Changing the Owner Role With
Immediate effect.

Paltalk Quick Admin List is a must have program after Paltalk made changes to how people are added to the admin list. Today Room Owners MUST add users into an Admin List on befor users can Join the room as an Admin.Avoid all the headaches now and Download the new ”Quick Admin List” Program”. The Quick Admin List allowes you to:

– Add Users
– Remove Users
– Edit/Change Admin Role
– Change Owner Role

Now much faster than on It allowes you to do the exact same thing as if you were on, But much faster and better. The Quick Admin List uses Direct Access to your Paltalk Account and bypasses all the CSS, JS and Graphics on for a better performance!

Changes in the New Version 2.1

– Search Admin Option
– Users Avatars Included
– Quick User Removal on Del Key Press
– Unnecessary Codings remove

6 thoughts on “Paltalk Quick Admin List”

  1. Great program, I asked our room owner to give it a try, she says it only bring up 10 admins…we have a lot more….something else going on or is there a 10 user limit?

  2. Quick Admin List UPDATED: We have Updated the Program after Paltalks new Login Methods. And for User Browsing we have added 2 extra buttons for browsing Back and Forward in the Admin list and with Unlimited Users. Just like on, but Faster.

    @Reformed_Dj, Right after commented for our Surprise Paltalk changed their Login Methods. So the old version doesnt work any longer, including many other Software that were using the old Paltalk Login method. Now after one week I have updated the Quick Admin List and some other Softwares too. Thanks for your feedback.

    @NYVE, Thanks brow, I appereciate that. Am learning and still a student.

    1. Sadly TeamSpeak3 is a QT Supported Platform and cannot be accessed through our Programs or any other Software out there. Why not use a simply Media Player or Youtube to Play Music on TeamSpeak3. Here is a Video Tutorial for a TeamSpeak3 Music Bot with VirtualCable:

      Best of luck

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