Paltalk v11.5 back scroll fix

If you are a paltalk bum like me you have probably noticed that sometimes you try to scroll back to disable auto scroll and the text start scrolling up and you cannot read what you were looking for.
This gets worse when lines are being cut from the top and the selection is also changing position.

This began to aggravate me, so I nade a fix for it. The application has no interfaceit just open an icon in the system tray.
While the application is running you will be able to scroll back. You can run it at startup or at any time (e.g. you trying to scroll back and the text start scrolling up). Right click and exit when you wnat it to stop.

I have only tested it on windows 7 with paltalk build 579 though it may work on previouse 11.5 builds.
Use it at your own risk.

7 thoughts on “Paltalk v11.5 back scroll fix

  1. source code, or explanation on how it works? which API has been used if any to achieve this?

    just curious that’s all, not required by myself as I don’t use Paltalk enough for auto scrolling to be a problem.

  2. Maby its a windows 7 problem. Iam running Windows 8 and dont have any problems in room when i try to scroll back. I just rightclick in room and disable auto scroll. When i have found what iam looking for , i enable the autoscroll again.

  3. ‘@Pacman
    No It’s not a windows 7 problem, though it may not exist in windows 8, it take the room to fill some 6000 lines of text untill it will show.
    In v11.5 you don’t even need to uncheck the auto scroll, scrolling up, eithr with the scrollbar or mouse wheel disable auto scrolling, scrolling down to the end of the text re-enable it.

  4. nice work chike, was interested on how you did it, but I understand if you don’t want to share this information.

    for people wanting to use the dll without the “dll loader” program you can add the dll path in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWindowsAppInit_DLLs”

    this will make it load into every process that links to user32.dll, you could also modify the dll to detach if if the current process it is loaded from is not = to paltalk.exe, this way it doesn’t have to be system wide hook which could affect other programs. But of cause I don’t know if this will affect other programs using the same control as we haven’t seen the source code. I guess the “active” variable is good enough to prevent this from happing anyway.

  5. Its shell hook which is only called when to level window is created/destroyed/activated/deactivated and the hook just call next hook for other programs so the effect on performance is neglable, and the hook soes not effect any prgram but paltalk
    I sure don’t want to mess with no registry key, and checking for paltalk process to inject the DLL without a hook would just be a headach without any benefit over the hook.
    The fix itself is just saving the correct scroll position and changing some of the values sent to do the right values when paltal attempts to be restore them, nothing fancy.

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