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I am new to forums. I am need of a program to help me record a chat room / session so that I can use it for class notes after the discussion is over. Let me explain a little more — I am going back to school and have a study group that uses PalTalk for study sessions. I have to leave during the session to go to work. I need to be able to record what happens during the session while I am gone. Some of the people have webcams and mics, some don’t have either. I do not need to record webcam – but the voice part and text is what I need.

I have searched through the forums – if there is such a program (bot?) I cannot find it. If there is one – please direct me to it. If not, is this even possible?

Thank you much! You will be helping get me educated while I am struggling to better myself. I have limited funds (older and going back to school – hopefully it will pay off) but if I can find one – I can donate (not much but something).

Again thank you.


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