Paltalk Winamp Bot like Spotify Bot

I have a few friends looking for an announcer program like the Spotify Bot-player for paltalk.  They don’t want a full bot, like the one here, but a simple poster for the song name etc….is there anyone that can whip one together quick…or…can the paltalk spotify player have winamp and iTunes added to it?  I use iTunes too….heheh but the Spotify bot has been… on….:)

Thank you.

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  1. Back in the day, there used to be a program that just announced in the room what you were playin…very much like the spotify bot…if that could be added to that program….and iTunes….that would be an all in one program… bot control is needed…..only the announce feature as you play songs…nice and light program :).

  2. Umm so you want the program to announce what is playing in itunes, winamp and spotify :mrgreen: or just spotify?
    bright away I only done it for itunes and winamp, @China-man did it for spotify 🙂

  3. yup, the spotify one is great….I need one for winamp and iTunes…..don’t know if it can be added to the spotify one…or if you want to make 2 separate versions like the spotify one…but just an announcer…..not a bot….


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