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Paltalk X Profile Tool v3

X-Profile Tool v3

Please read first:
Paltalk has officially removed the Guestbook Page, Mini Profile Page and other Users Profile Pages and Group Pages that we were using for our Programs, and especially XProfile Tool.
This Includes the many Cool Options and Links Used in XProfile Tool v1 and v2. We even had a 3rd Version under development and not long ago Paltalk once again Removed more new Options used in the Program.
We had decided to wait befor we releasing a third V3 version, but after so Many Requests we tried to gather alll our resources to build a Lighter Version for our members

At this time we simply cant get much more Information from Paltalk Servers to complete the XProfile Tool just like V1. For now we will have to wait and bare with a Lighter Version untill Paltalk has completed their Website, befor we consider building a new version of the XProfile Tool!

About XProfile Tool V3
X-Profile Tool v3 has been re-developed with new options and many Changes. Notice that many of the old options has been removed because of the Changes on Paltalk. As for now we cant really access any information on Paltalk’s Servers beside the few Options that we have now included in v3.
In V3 we have also added a New Options called “Extreme room Search”. The new Room Search option allowes you to Get all the nessecary Information about any Room on Paltalk, and with over 20 Different Room Iinformation.All Functions & Pages:
– XProfile Tool v3 (Search by Nickname)
– Extreme Room Search (Search by Room ID)
– Facebook Like Search (Search by Nickname)

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