KoolText v 2.0

KoolText has always been one of my favorites programs to use in Paltalk and sometime Yahoo 🙂 Thanks to @NVYE for updating it with some new features and Fixes, Basically is a program which you can use to send cool designs to the paltalk room or other chat programs, but I mainly use it for Paltalk. It comes with a Greeter, Poster and much more.

  • Remember autotalker, font size, fading option, settings
  • Greeter greets on join without turn on error
  • Check fading option on greeter

Download KoolText v 2.0

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  1. @asdsa, There is a huge Text Link called “Download KoolText“. Dont know how you’ve missed it. Simply Click on the link called “”Download KoolText”. If you still see it, Then CLICK HERE to Download KoolText.

    1. Please know that its a False Flag. That happens a lot to many Websites. I recommend using a different Anti Virus Software. Other than that I guarantee your safety on our website. Including Download and Installing our programs are all safe.

      I recommend Installing, Something like “Microsoft Security Essentials” for your Computer. And for Websites, I use that with Malwarebytes Software. Both works perfect together as a combination. Orelse Install “Avira” Anti Virus Software………. I dont really trust the rest. Even though I have had a bad history with Avira. I still believe its better than the rest.

  2. KooL Greeter is an Addon for the best Voice Chat Software “Paltalk Messenger”. Greet your Users with Colorfull text messages

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