Paltalk@Express Multi

Paltalk®EXPRESS Multi
Version 1 – Not Full Version

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By China-Cheats Team, Posted by Pa36OjHuK

Full Version Released

Download Full Version From China VIP FORUMS
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This product was made and inspired by the Arabic Version We released a better and newer version.

One thought on “Paltalk@Express Multi

  1. Thanks , Finally for posting it on here and in Dutchplace + Im-Integrations….

    About the youtube video we tried to add:
    Well we both tried from Teamviewer Pa36hjuk to add the youtube video. I think the plugin is a bit different on here than in Dutchplace.. Because in here you have to add the last diggits or letters in the youtube video, and on dutchplace it requires the full URL..

    Anyways, I approved your first post from Teamviewer, but got disconnected, So I approved your last 3 editings from my own Desktop PC and now published..

    Good job mate and keep up your good work on our forums…

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