PalTunnel [Beta]

This program was whipped up to monitor multiple rooms, The idea is it allows you to surf the web or chat in pm ect.. without missing out on the action which is occurring in the rooms you have opened at the time. Not only does it monitor rooms, but it also has a few simple tools that allows you to Mute rooms, voice chat, raise hand, open admin console(if admin), close the room and even send text to any of the rooms. Customization can be done to all text incoming and outgoing to suit your needs, all while automatically saving your settings for next time. there is also other options including Alpha blending so it doesn’t disturb you, and of cause an option to keep above all other windows ..


This is only a test version so there could be and most probably is bugs included. If you find these bug please report them here so they can fixed, Also if you have idea’s on adding features or changing current feature to be more useful then please post those suggestions and ideas here.

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