Palz MANAGER v1.0

Hey guys

I’ve got too many requests about such program, so I had to sacrify my time of playing SSF4 on xbox live and improving my combos execution 😆 and make it , so here it comes

Tested only on Windows XP SP3

What you can do with this program ?

+ Quickly and easily manage and edit your pal list
+ Export your Pals list into a .txt file
+ Add Pals from a .txt file
+ Combining the two features above you can copy your Pal list from a nick to another
+ Mass OR Easy Add Pals from a room
+ Mass Remove Pals
+ Mass Block Pals

Tips for optimal use

+ Minimize all windows and keep Palz MANAGER and Paltalk scene on the top or the room
window if your are using the “Add from a room feature”

+ If you are dealing with big lists, you need to give the program time to get the job done.
what I mean by that, keep your hands off the mouse and the keyboard 😉

+ After using “Remove Pals” feature, wait about 3 – 5 seconds then hit “Refresh List”

Screen shots + Download
pic1 pic2

4 thoughts on “Palz MANAGER v1.0

  1. @locohacker wrote:

    OMG finally someone did it lol people being asking for this program for liek 8 years lol thanks man 🙂

    lmfao Well, it’s good to see someone did it lol. I’m starting to learn C++ now. Maybe one of these days I’ll make something for Paltalk. What else have people been requesting for Paltalk?

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