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I would not normally ask something like this, but time is short (less than a month left for her goal), and this person is in dire need of financial support. I am asking any of you here that can afford a few dollars, please follow the link below and consider supporting this Leukemia survivor.

Turn Distress into Success

It does not matter if all you can give is $1 or $1000, every bit helps. I gave and now I am asking that if you find my posts here helpful, please take the time and give as well.

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  1. I would donate but unfortunately in Australia we have people who are going through the same issues with there health(as do many other countries), Donations I make are sent to my own Australian peoples health. Saying that it was a very touching story and wish her well.

    After being enlighten who this person actually is, I have changed my mind and will be donating to the cause

  2. @String wrote:

    Please don’t take this the wrong way AutoPilot, but if you post again, verifying that this is your post, I will gladly help.

    This is absolutely my post. This is not the kind of post I normally make, and I would not make it if it were not important to me.

    Thank you to all who help in this effort.

  3. I have been asked why I am requesting the people here to support this cause.

    Marilyn (the person I am asking you to help) is my sister. Before she got sick, she was working in a hospital with good benefits. When she first got sick, she was put on sick leave, meaning that while she was not working or getting paid, she retained her benefits. This helped a great deal with the medical expenses that she initially incurred. But eventually, her sick leave ran out and she was let go. Suddenly, to keep her medical coverage, she had to buy Cobra insurance. As the costs mounted, her husband kicked her out and stopped helping with her expenses. So now she is unemployed, single, and her only income is from disability.

    I did not want anyone to feel they had to donate so I tried not to bring my personal connection into it, but since people wanted to know why before supporting, I felt it best just post to here instead of answer everyone privately 1 by 1.

    Thanks for your support.

  4. Just wanted to notify everyone that there is only a week left in this funding drive for my sister. If any of you are wanting to help and have not yet done so, time is running short.

    If you already have donated, thank you very much for your kind and generous gift.

  5. ********* Edited again… Lost A Complete Post ************

    Donation Done here as well..

    Contribution to Turn Distress into Success from c… (System ID 3496608

    Hello Auto-Pilot! Firstly I am so sad to hear about this, and I def know you are not a person asking for help
    unless its very seriouse! I know that this time we def think that this is for a great cause.. And we wish we could donate more as our account is in minus right now..

    We had a hard timeAfter losing our money to 3 diffrent hostings this week, We still havnt got the money back from the other 2 hostings! But will be soon hopefully. So that was all what we could Donate at this time. This is for a good cause so We wish you all the best Auto-Pilot and wish her a great recovery, or at least all the BEST from us!

    @Thanks to Bro Departure and String, plus evryone else for taking part for this cause!

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