Please Help me if you know the problem

I compiled Loco old vb6 code funtext and it worked for me but when i sent the .exe file to friends they get error and it wont start for them? what do i need to do to make work? compiled exe in vb doesnt need special program to work with like .net does! 🙁

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  1. Hi Loco Thanks sorry i didnt explained what type of error but it included the link you redirected. The error was: the missing file was COMPONENT RICHTX32.OC’ OR ONE OFF ITS DEPENDENCIES NOT CORRECTLY NOT CORRECTLY REGISTERED A FILE IS MISSING OR INVALID
    i am goin to follow the description as mentioned in link. i will copy RICHTX32.OCX to my friend and they have to copy to system32 folder then register the dll/ocx THANKS i will comeback if more help needed from expert 😀

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